How to Create and Build a Pro Blog: 14 Tips for a Beginner Blogger

How to Create and Build a Pro Blog: 14 Tips for a Beginner Blogger

How to create a professional blog and make money online? This is a question most beginning bloggers ask themselves. Maybe that’s what you’re asking yourself right now – How to Create and Build a Pro Blog: 14 Tips for a Beginner Blogger

 How to Create and Build a Pro Blog: 14 Tips for a Beginner Blogger

How to Create and Build a Pro Blog: 14 Tips for a Beginner Blogger

Listen, before I go any further, I think this is essential to the point: it is impossible to create a professional blog?

In other words, we do not create a professional blog, we build it over time. I bring this clarification because they are still many and believe that it is enough to order a blog in a professional design to immediately reach success and capital online.

As he says very often, having a blog is one thing and becoming a blogger is another . To achieve success, you will need to apply the following tips.

1. Do not start your blog until it is set up correctly.

No matter how strong the temptation, do not open your blog until it contains the following:

Decent design

Contact page with form

One page “about”

At least 5 published articles

A topic you blog about

As for design, you do not need something perfect or unique to get started, a well-designed free theme will do. And if your means allow, I highly recommend you to suggest a professional topic.

Finally, make sure you use a newsletter plugin, and Google Analytics to track and analyze traffic to your blog.

2. Choose a topic and expand it

Although it is true that we can publish what we want in his blog, I recommend you choose a topic and stick to it. While nothing prevents you from doing what you want, know it is likely that your blog will become popular if most of the articles you publish revolve around the same topic.

It is very rare to see a popular blog that addresses several topics at once. Instead of changing the subject each time, explore the different aspects of the one you have chosen.

3. Be consistent

If you have a lot to say in a very short time, blog on a daily basis. But if you do not have much to say, blog once a week. Once you’ve found your advertising pace, stick with it. Be consistent.

Inconsistency will lead you to the loss of your audience. If you are not sure how often to publish articles, publish once a month. Once you have more time and inspiration, you can pick up gear. And when you have adopted advertising frequency, do not allow back tracking.

You can add as many items as you want and no one will complain. On the other hand, if you reduce the frequency with which you felt the readers, there is a good chance that they will cancel the listing. Only advance to the next level when you are sure to follow it to the end.

4. Post Unique Content

I will never stop saying about this blog, the content you post on your blog must always be unique . In addition to design, it brings special features to your blog. Do not just blog about topics you have read elsewhere.

People read your blog because they want to learn new things and not read a worded version of an article they read the day before. Therefore you should give your opinion on the question and do not take the opinions of other bloggers again .

And if a topic is a trend, do not bring it up at the same time as everyone else. Take the time to learn it and once it is done, write an article dealing with this topic from a completely different perspective.

Ideally, you should only blog when you have something new and useful to say. Information that will educate your readers.

5. Do not be afraid to say what you think

Most bloggers are afraid to say what they really think. If this is your case, I advise you not to be afraid to have your say. You can never force yourself into a blogosphere if you take the time to stand behind pseudo-experts.

One of the reasons that often comes up when I search for my readers for the reasons they read my blog is: ” You have another speech” .

So you must make another speech. But not everything is based on difference, you must also have the closest discourse to reality.

You will not be the only one blogging about your blog so you will have competitors. You must be unique if you want to give a legitimate reason for people to read your blog.

For example, I blog about entrepreneurship like thousands of other bloggers. But the first thing you notice when you read my content is that I do not follow the conventions . And the second uniqueness is the detailed content I am posting now on this blog. Content that helps many entrepreneurs carry out concrete actions that allow them to move forward in their projects.

I’m aware that any entrepreneur can find information anywhere on the internet, however, I know how hard it is to find resources that tell him what to do and what to expect … so I take advantage of this niche

6. Test Your Readers

Every blogger who wants to succeed must fully understand the expectations of his potential readers. This is really the best way to improve the quality of your content.

To do this you can use the survey, or just ask them a series of questions around their expectations. Then use each of these expectations as an article topic. Sure you are not going to please everyone, but if more than 80% are, so it will be a big win already.

7. Leverage the social networks

Facebook, Twitter and Google+ can really allow you to generate free traffic to your blog. A plugin like Antique Tweet Post allows you to automatically post excerpts from your articles on Facebook and Twitter.

8. Analyze Your Stats

Stats don’t just come down to finding how many visitors land on your blog every day. They are mainly used to analyze the behavior of those on your site.

If you use a suitable newsletter, know that it is possible to know how many subscribers have read this or that article. Analyzing this data will give you a better understanding of the type of content your readers like and dislike reading. On top of all that, you can also determine the most catchy headlines.

9. Leave comments on other blogs

In addition to commenting on comments on your blog, you must also comment on other bloggers in your niche. Preferably, choose the most popular blogs from your niche. This approach helps attract some of the readers of these blogs to yours.

After these blogs, he only commented on articles that generated a lot of comments or sharing on social media . For greater efficiency, do not respond by saying nothing, do so for the sake of bringing value, educating or attracting attention

A relevant and constructive comment in everything will allow you to create certain visitors.

Last thing, choose only two to three popular blogs because beyond that number, this activity can quickly become a waste of time. Spend more time responding to blogs than posting articles or optimizing your blog.

10. Optimize Your Blog for Search Engines

Blog optimization plays a crucial role in the amount of traffic it generates, but also in converting those visitors into customers. Optimization should allow you to:

Improve your SEO and generate traffic

Make your readers want to know more about your content

Encourage your readers to sign up for your newsletter

Click on your various links and banners

And more.

As you can see, optimization is not just about Google SEO. It’s far beyond.

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11. Write a series of articles

Writing a three-part article is not an easy task. In addition, it really needs to find the right topic and above all, it should be something helpful to say. Publishing a series of articles allows you to give a valid reason for your readers to return to your blog not next time.

In a new blog, it is important that most readers do not return after their first visit . An article divided into two or three sections will encourage them to return to your blog. But for this tactic to bear fruit, you must make sure that every article that is published educates your readers. With no added value, all your efforts will be useless.

12. There is a need for a monetization program

Generally, every beginner blogger needs a monetization program. To call me, one might think that beginning bloggers do not have any. But the reality is different because everyone has one.

The problem is that most bloggers do this to make money. So they try to make a profit from their blog from the first days. Choosing this approach can only deter you from success. You still have so much to learn that in order to go out, I encourage you to focus on the needs of your readers. At the same time you can explore different ways to make money online.

See this: Introduction to blogging: Everything you need to know

No matter what program you have from the beginning, the truth is that it will take months and many tests before you find a reliable source of income.

13. Encourage Comments

One of the most effective ways to increase the number of comments on your blog is to ask questions at the end of your articles (as I do in this blog) .

For example, you can supplement your articles with the following questions:

So what do you think of this article?

Do you have any other suggestions? Feel free to leave a comment.

Do you have other questions?

14. Reduce Your Login

Rate Departure Rate (English Leap Rate) is the percentage of Internet users who entered a web page and left the site afterwards, without consulting other pages. (So ​​they only saw one page on the site)

An exit page exit rate can indicate visitor dissatisfaction. And although it may also indicate that the reviewer quickly found what he was looking for, I prefer that we address only the negative aspect.

Here are some tips to help you reduce your site traffic:

On your side, add a widget showing popular items from your blog. This way it will be easier for any new visitor to find the most successful article on your blog.

Add a password to your blog if you do not have a login yet. A password will allow the reader to get an idea of ​​the purpose of your blog.

In your sidebar, consider also adding a short paragraph that explains the purpose of your blog. This should convert more visitors and encourage them to spend more time on your blog.

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At the bottom of each article, suggest articles related to 3 to 5. This is an advantage in that it provides more information to your reader.

Add videos to your articles. Videos not only show how to do something, they increase the amount of time visitors spend on your blog. At the same time reducing your entry rate.

Add relevant links to the body of your article. Warning, these links should direct visitors to another page of your blog.

Write long relevant articles. For example, you could write detailed guides that show or explain to your readers how to solve a specific problem.

OK ! We will stop there for today. As you can see, building a successful blog is a lot harder than what people are trying to make you believe. Practice these tips and you will be on your way to success.

images 2022 04 16T150601.088 Facebook Advertising - How to advertise your business on Facebook (easy steps)

Facebook Advertising – How to advertise your business on Facebook (easy steps)

Need to promote sales of your business’s products or services? Facebook advertising services allow you to reach customers in a focused and unique way. The service is also suitable for small businesses.  Facebook Advertising – How to advertise your business on Facebook (easy steps)

This can be done alone or with an advertising company.

What is Facebook Advertising?

Facebook advertising is a method by which businesses can market their products by reaching target audiences that are on the huge social network Facebook. You can also post on other Facebook channels.

Facebook advertising is paid advertising. You can set that you pay for exposures, clicks, conversions and more. You can set budgets that suit your business and run many campaigns.

On Facebook, the entire advertising process is conducted in the well-known system Ed Manager and all management is done there only.

You can create campaigns according to the type of goal you want to achieve and show the ads to people who are part of the same dedicated audience.

Benefits of Facebook Advertising

There are benefits to know when you want to post on Facebook:

Targeting – It is possible to create a specific audience for which the campaign is intended. The focus is on area of ​​residence, age, gender, interests, language device and more.

Billing – You can set different billing methods such as clicks, exposures, views and more.

Scheduling – You can decide when the ads will be displayed and when not.

Flexible budget – You can adjust your budget and work with small amounts.

Information tools – You can measure performance with analytical data about your advertisements.

Ad types – You can create image ads, videos, stories, leads and more.

Advanced – There are advanced tools for professionals.

Facebook Advertising Positions – Where are the ads displayed?

 Facebook Advertising – How to advertise your business on Facebook (easy steps)

Facebook ads can be displayed on the following products:

Newsfeed – Ads that appear on the main and main page of Facebook where there is a list of all the posts.

Marketplace – Ads that appear among the listings of second-hand board ads.

Right / Left Column – Ads displayed at the bottom right or left of many pages.

Messenger – Ads that appear in the Facebook messaging interface like a regular message.

Story – Ads that appear in Story on Facebook.

Search – Ads that appear when you search by keyword.

Video Feed – Ads that appear on the video page.

Instant Articles – Ads that appear in the Facebook Instant Articles tool.

Content sites – Ads that appear on content sites and external applications.

Facebook Advertising – How Does It Work?

 Facebook Advertising - How to advertise your business on Facebook (easy steps)

When you create a campaign, you set the target audience and raise the ad – the ads start running.

When a user who meets the conditions set in the campaign, surfs in the same set location (e.g. main feed), then Facebook matches the appropriate ads to that particular user. Facebook tailors the ads according to the auction so that quality ads are displayed with a suitable budget.

A user then sees this ad, clicks on it and works on an external website, where the process you set continues. A process like buying or requesting a quote for example.

Facebook charges the advertiser for exposures or clicks depending on what is set in the campaign.

How much does advertising on Facebook cost?

So of course there is a cost or price for advertising on Facebook. It varies according to certain conditions, such as budgets, competition, ad quality and more.

The price consists of your budget. This is the amount you pay Facebook to buy the advertising space. You set the maximum price per click or exposure and from there Facebook activates the ads until the budget is fully realized.

If you also need the design of an ad or text, the addition of an image or video, or other branding matters, then of course there is another cost that needs to be taken into consideration. As well as the design of a website or landing page.

In general, it is advisable to work with a dedicated advertising company that has extensive knowledge and experience. She knows how to give performance and good results to the business owner, the advertiser. But on the other hand there is a fee for the management of the campaigns by it. Again, if she has a lot of knowledge or experience, it is much more worthwhile because she will know how to bring you sales and customers and even save money.

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How to post on Facebook?

To start advertising, you need to access your Facebook advertising account. If there is none, then one should create one, set up settings, add means of payment and more.

You can then choose the type of campaign, goal, add budgets, ads and make additional necessary settings.

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Best Web Hosting in Nigeria Prices How Much Does Web Hosting Cost in Nigeria?

How Much Does Web Hosting Cost in Nigeria?

To get a website up and running online you will need to buy a web hosting service and continue to pay a monthly or annual cost as long as the site is active and up and running and this brings us to the question –  How Much Does Web Hosting Cost in Nigeria?

Before setting up a website it is important to check what type of storage you would like to host the site and in which company.

In the article here we will talk about the different web hosting solutions and their average prices. In addition, we will also talk about additional costs on websites that are added to the monthly storage cost. Let’s get started “How Much Does Web Hosting Cost in Nigeria?”

How Much Does Web Hosting Cost in Nigeria?

 How Much Does Web Hosting Cost in Nigeria?

There are 4 different storage solutions that are important for you to know:

1. Dedicated web hosting

Dedicated web hosting is a complete physical server dedicated only to your site. You have complete control over the storage server and there are no other sites hosted on it because it is yours alone. The flexibility of a dedicated server is excellent but to run a physical storage server you need technical knowledge or someone to manage it for you. In addition, the entire issue of website and server security is at your own risk because your server.

Dedicated storage is especially suitable for sites with large amounts of traffic and this is the most expensive storage option available. The price for dedicated web hosting varies depending on the size of the server, its location and the number of resources you have purchased. Roughly speaking, physical storage servers cost an average of $ 400 a month but there are large servers for large sites that will cost several times as much

2. Collaborative/shared web hosting

Shared web hosting is the cheapest hosting solution today. Just like what the name implies – take dedicated storage and share it with several sites. All websites that are under shared storage are accessed on the same server with the same allocated resources. Collaborative storage is especially suitable for those who want to save money for storage.

Collaborative storage is ideal for very small sites in terms of structure and sites that do not generate a large amount of traffic and therefore do not need a lot of resources. However, shared web hosting can cause slow loading of pages on the site and also security issues because your site is on the same hosting server with other sites and damage to these sites can be a direct cause of damage to your site. The average monthly cost of shared storage is $ 5- $ 10 per month with minimal resources. Remember – the more resources you have, the higher the price.

3. Web Hosting on a Virtual Server (VPS)

Virtual Private Server is a storage solution where you get a dedicated part of a server and this part is used only by you. The server is of the WEB type so you will get maximum performance for your sites. Virtual server storage is especially suitable for large sites with a relatively large amount of traffic.

A major disadvantage of a virtual server is that although a dedicated part of the server belongs to you, the other parts store additional sites that have purchased a dedicated part of the server and damage to the server due to one of the sites will cause your site to be damaged as well. Purchasing a dedicated part on a VPS server costs an average of $ 10- $ 20 per month and here too, as the amount of resources increases the price will increase accordingly.

4. Web hosting in the cloud

Cloud server storage is the best storage solution today. Unlike the storage solutions we have presented so far in cloud storage you will not share resources along with other sites, nor resources on the server because you are getting your own server. Although you need technical knowledge to store alone in the cloud, today there are already solutions for managed storage in the cloud.

What makes cloud storage the recommended solution is the ability to change the size of storage and the desired amount of resources per click, the fact that you pay for a server and can store multiple sites on it, good loading speed and advanced site security. The average cost of cloud storage ranges from $ 10 to $ 30 per month, depending on the amount of resources you will need.

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Now that we have exhausted the list for How Much Does Web Hosting Cost in Nigeria?.. Let’s get to other things like; 

Two top best hosting companies I use for my websites

Here are the two best hosting i use for my website. One is a popular Nigerian hosting company while the other is a UK based hosting company.

1. Namecheap

Namecheap, as the name implies is one of the cheapest hosting company in the world today and also the best. Namecheap is a domain registration and web hosting company having headquarters in US and UK. I use namecheap for one of my website, and they are good. 100% uptime, fast, and effective.. You should try namecheap

2. Whogohost

Whogohost is a Nigerian web hosting company. One of the best in Nigeria (if not the best) whogohost offer free domain for each hosting plan you purchase .. Sounds good right.. There plans are also cheap. .. Check out whogohost

Costs of additional services in setting up a website

Domain – When you set up a website, you need a domain. This domain is the web address through which you reach the site. In Nigeria, it is customary to use the suffix com or or .ng and it is recommended to choose a domain name that is relevant to the brand and represents it. The average cost of registering a domain per year ( $ 2- $ 5. for domains (.com)  $ 6- $ 18. And for domain (.ng) from NGN10,000 and more

SSL Security Certificate – Website Security Protocol. An SSL security certificate gives you the little lock next to the address bar of your site. This certificate is required on commerce sites and sites that remove customers from the site but today, most site owners will prefer to install this security certificate both for Google ranking and for giving security to the surfers. In some storage packages you can get an SSL security certificate installation on your site for free.

Template – Once you have chosen a hosting company and the platform on which you will build the site you will probably need a template for your site. Along with many free templates, web development platforms like WordPress or Shofifei offer professional templates for a fee – a ready-made website design, buy and edit according to what you need. The average cost of a template is $ 30- $ 50 but some templates will also cost double.

Extensions – Extensions are software that can be installed on the platform on which you build the site to automatically do some of the construction and operation of the site. Extensions and extensions can also be found for free or installation of free versions of the plugin but this free version will usually be very limited. For example: Elementor is a plugin for building websites in WordPress and is free but Elementor Pro, the paid version of Elementor, is much more efficient and easy to work with. The cost of the supplements varies from supplement to supplement and according to the period of time you purchased – a month, a year or for life.

  1. In conclusion

Now you can know how much it will cost to host your site in one of the common hosting solutions. My personal recommendation is to host the site on a cloud server,  Aside from the fact that the server is yours privately and you can not be harmed by the activity of other websites, cloud storage servers are low cost relative to what you get, display fast websites and fast page load and come with website security solutions. I do not see a logical reason why to opt for shared storage for example when it is possible to store in the cloud at more or less the same cost.

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I also recommend shared hosting if you want to purchase a simple and cheap hosting plan.. Shared hosting is very OK ..  And in fact, this site w3skills runs on shared hosting.

I hope I answered your question on “How Much Does Web Hosting Cost in Nigeria?” .. Having answered your questions on    How Much Does Web Hosting Cost in Nigeria?.. Share this post to others too.

images 62 How to become a copywriter in Nigeria | Easy steps to scale

How to become a copywriter in Nigeria | Easy steps to scale

How to become a copywriter in Nigeria.

Ever thought of getting paid for telling short and long stories before? Companies in Nigeria are currently on a hunt for these stories because these stories help boost and increase sales of their products. These are stories that target a specific problem and provide solutions to such problem.

Now, that above is a job description of what copy writing  really is.

Copy writing has increased in popularity over the years and because of this, many Nigerians are making intensive research trying to find out what this oil well really is.

The overshadowing popularity of “copyright” in Nigeria has brought about a huge confusion of what the term “Copy write” really is. So without taking much of your time, lets get to know what copy writing really is.

What is Copy writing?

Copy writing is noting else than the process of writing a copy.

Now you will say that I am getting you more confused, like “what the hell is a copy?

What is a copy?

A copy is a text used for all forms of advertising messages, which can be a TV advert, radio advert, bill boards or even online ads.

How to become a copywriter in Nigeria

What is the main purpose of a copy?

The main purpose of a copy is to turn readers to potential customers (buyers). A copy tends to persuade a reader to take action by providing solution to major problems.

A copy is also meant to increase a company’s sales to create effective turn up.

Now let’s get to the main discussion of the day, having known much about copy writing.

How to become a copywriter in Nigeria | Easy steps to scale

Copywriting in Nigeria

Being a copywriter can be a profitable niche in Nigeria, and many other Nigerians are getting better at it, here is an exclusive list of How to become a copywriter in Nigeria with the Easy steps to scale at it.

Be Observant

As a copywriter, you need to be observant. Watch out for the things around you, note some of the problems in your environment because it will be helpful in your next copy.

I am not asking you to be a stalker, just be natural, watch what’s happening around you, listen and explore.

Ask questions

Learn to ask a lot of questions, you won’t know about how a trader is facing difficulties if a trader doesn’t tell you. So ask to find out. People act in a certain way, why? Why do they think in a certain way and believe certain things? What do they value? etc.

You need to ask questions. But don’t be rude while asking. Also don’t be a bug to the person you are trying to get information from. Allow him/her to reply you in his own time. If he says “come back later” go and come back later. Always ask in a polite way.

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There are lots of questions and puzzle in the world we live in. As a copywriter, you need to find answers to as many puzzles you can and also be able to provide solutions to these puzzles. For a start, you should focus on answers to a more direct question like; What will make Mr A buy a product X? Why did he buy it? Of what use is the product to him? What problem is the product solving? Is Mr A ready to purchase more of that product? Does product X reminds him of something?

As you can see, these questions have no end. In fact, the answer to one question can even bring up another question. The deeper you go, the more you understand your audience and with this, you can write a copy that will leave the audience spellbound and make the product, service or idea something the audience won’t resist to get.

A better understanding of your audience gives you an advantage to create a copy they can never resist. This is because, your product, idea or service is something of great impirtance to them and they will want to get it at all cost.

Study all advert you come across

Make sure you study those Tv adverts, radio adverts, billboards, etc that are selling one product or the other. You need to study those adverts on social media and other online platforms. Think of why you were attracted to it. What made you stop scrolling to take a look, what drew your attention, and what propelled you to take an action which can be clicking on the advert. You should also think of things you don’t like in the advert. Why it didn’t attract you. What made you scroll past  it with speed. What made you loose interest after seeming to like it.

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Also think of how you would have written the ad to make it look better. Think of the message the ad is trying to pass and how it is trying to pass the message. With all these study, you will be able to make your own copy standout and unique.

Its always good to learn from the top dogs in the game, then improve and be a lion at it.

Go to any copy writing school or buy that online course

If you have the money, you can go to any copy writing school, or even buy an online course. Yes, learning alone (self learning) can be good, but when you learn with a mentor, he or she can share some of his/her experiences with you. This will make you not to make the same mistake he/she made in the beginning and also boost you to a fast learning environment. Eg: it took me 2years to finish a 1,000 page web development PDF as a result of learning alone. But if I had gone for a mentor, it won’t take me greater than 5 months to acquire such skills.

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Another good advantage of having a mentor is that he/she can connect you to some agencies you will work for. And that is what most self learners have been looking for, for months.

You should also consider registering with a professional body

Regisering with a professional advertising body, eg, APCON (Advertising Practitioners’ Council of Nigeria). though a first degree or National Diploma is required for entry.

Take note that you must be interested in copy writing to excel in it. It is a very tasking job and not for quitters. Its not for people who can’t challenge the old ways of doing things and people who can’t question things. Its also not for people who are too lazy to figure out the new ways of doing things.

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You need a lot of hard work and improvement to excel, don’t worry its worth the sacrifice.

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images 55 Introduction to Affiliate Marketing: everything you need to know

Introduction to Affiliate Marketing: everything you need to know

Want to learn a new digital skill? Well affiliate Marketing is one of the hot niches you can think of. The good thing about affiliate marketing is that you don’t have to stress yourself much because you don’t have any products neither do you go to shop every morning. With this introduction to affiliate marketing, All you have to do is sit at home and recommend a product to some people. If they like it and purchase it, you will get a commission.

Now that I have given you a brief introduction to Affiliate marketing, let’s define Affiliate Marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is defined as the act or process of promoting a product or services and get a commission for each successful purchase.

Theses products/services are mainly owned by a company, retailers or advertisers who wants to increase their sales. These companies are hungry for sales, and as an Affiliate Marketer, its your work to bring these sales to them, then get paid a certain commission per each sales.

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Affiliate marketing is a means of  monetization to various platforms which includes blogging. Yes, blogging. Bloggers make a fortune through affiliate marketing. But you must not be a blogger. You can be an independent Affiliate marketer.

The main goal of Affiliate marketing is to land sales. but some companies can pay you for leads, that is: the number of clicks to a website or number of people you were able to get to download their app.

Affiliate marketing in Nigeria

Are Affiliate programs free?

Yes, Affiliate programs are mostly free to join. So you don’t need to worry about Capital.

From a common sense, you want to help a company get more sales, why will you pay them? They are the ones to pay you and that is what you get as commission.

Anybody can join any affiliate program for free. Once you are able to get people to buy a specific product you recommend.

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Affiliate marketing can grow from a side hustle to a big business once you know what you are doing.

Introduction to Affiliate marketing

Who is an Affiliate marketer?

An affiliate Marketer is nobody else than a person that promotes other peoples products/services in exchange for commission.

The good news is that anybody can become an affiliate marketer. All you need to do is to find the right affiliate program to engage in. Once you meet their minimum requirement, you are set to go.

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The main thing in affiliate marketing is to know how to convince people to buy a product or services. Once you are able to convince people that a particular product or services is right for them, you will progress in affiliate marketing. You will be paid each time someone converts with your affiliate link.

Is affiliate marketing worth it?

Without doubt, Affiliate marketing is definitely worth it. With its recent growth in popularity, statistics has shown that affiliate marketing industry will reach $8.2 billion by 2022, it has grown to $7.4 billion in 2020.

It is also one of the (if not the only) low to no cost business you can venture into and profit immensely.

How affiliate marketing works

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Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

It’s easy to execute

Your own work is to make sure you land a sales for a company. You don’t have to worry about the hard things like, production, developing, stocking, or fulfilling the offer. Your own work is just to sell and get profit from your house. You don’t even need to buy the product like most retailers do.

It’s low risk

Since there is no cost of joining the affiliate program. There is noting to risk except for your time. You can take advantage of how to make money from affiliate marketing and start it up without any cost or upfront investment.

Affiliate marketing can get you passive income, but you need to invest your time into getting a traffic source.

It’s easy to scale

Those who are already successful in affiliate marketing can add a new product to their already existing products and still do well in it. Your existing work and new work will continue to generate steady income.

Before you start jumping up, you should understand that affiliate marketing is built on trust. Before looking for all the products in the world to promote, it is advised you start from the products you use and recommend.

Even when you want to promote a product you like, becoming a great marketer takes a lot of work.

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How does affiliate marketing work?

Affiliate marketing is brought to life when someone (who is an affiliate) refers a product or service by sharing/publishing it on a blog, social meda platform, podcast, or website. a commission is awarded to the affiliate each time someone makes a purchase through their unique link associated with their recommendation.

How affiliate marketing works

Breaking it down:

You as an affiliate, displays an ad or a link for a particular store, lets call it Store X, on your website, blog, or social media platform.

Then a customer clicks your unique link.

The customer buys something in Store X.

The affiliate network will records the transaction.

When the purchase is confirmed by Store X.

You get paid a certain commission.

The rate given as commission vary. And this is dependent on the company and the offer. On the very low end, you’ll earn about 5% of the sale but, sometimes, you can also earn as much as 50%, this is common in cases where you promote a class or event. There are also affiliate marketing programs that provide a fixed price per sale instead of a percentage.

images 51 Introduction to blogging: Everything you need to know

Introduction to blogging: Everything you need to know

Except you live under third mainland bridge or you just came to earth today, in one way or the other, you should have heard about blogging.

Introduction to blogging

Blogging is no other thing than writing a piece of article, photography or media that is self-published online.

In this this article, I am going to give you an overview of what blogging is, why you hear it a lot and tips to start your own blog ( that is if you are interested, but by coming to this page today, am sure you are interested. So let’s dive in)

Overview of Blogging

The popular blogging you hear today started as an opportunity for people to write and express themselves online. The blogging thing started growing gradually so businesses saw a need to incorporate it into their websites. A blog is known for frequent updates. That means, you post new things everyday. It is also written in an informal language (its not like you are writing to the queen of England or something) so people (readers) will engage with it and start a conversation.

Introduction to blogging

Having know a bit of what blogging is all about, let’s get to the definition of blogging

What is blogging?

Blogging is defined as the act of writing and publishing contents on a regular basis online on a platform called a blog. These contents can be an account of personal view, opinions, ideas, Experience, news or tutorials. A person who manages and own a blog is referred to as a blogger.

What is blogging?

What is a blog?

A blog is noting else but an online Journal. You can set it up for personal use, or you can add a number of friends/groups. Anyone can reach out to your blog and read what you wrote in it. Just like this blog, people can find your blog through social media, search engine, emails and news letters.

you can easily start blogging in a few minutes wit free platforms like; WordPress, Medium, Blogger, Wix, Tumblr. The content a blog can include text, images, videos, audios and animated gifs.

A blog post is defined as a particular content in a topic. Just as what you are reading now. A blog mainly consists of a large number of blog posts which is arranged in such a way that most recent posts appear first. This order can still be changed if you like.

A blog has many web pages and this only depends on the number of posts the blogger creates.

A blog also comes with a comment section by default, although you can remove it later. The comment section enables an interaction between the users and the author.

An author is someone that writes a blog post. After the comment section, a list of related posts is displayed below it. This enables users to switch to the next article after reading the other. Then a summary or background of the author is displayed below.

The blogger gets to choose what to blog on. You can blog on any niche you have in depth knowledge in. After that, you will want your blog to get noticed right? Advertising will do the work for you. Just make sure you have a few change with you for that.

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other promotional tactics can be good too when it comes to making your blog visible online. Tactics like, sharing of links to social media handles, search engine optimization and also posting your inks from other websites.

Starting a blog

If you want to start blog, the first thing you should keep in mind is the objective of the blog, that is, what the blog is meant to achieve. You can decide on the subject to write about. You can document your experiences by blogging about it always. Your blog can be a news blog, entertainment blog, travel and lifestyle blog or you can even share some of your cooking recipe and steps to prepare a delicious meal. Its all up to you. My advice is that you blog what you have good knowledge on.  It will help you in the long run.

What is a blog?

You can blog about anything so far it is not illegal. Illegal in a way that it does not hurt a group or sentiments of others. The content of your blog should be something you are proud of. Something you will comfortably share to a particular group or community. 

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Just like I have heard many people hyping blogging. The bitter truth here is that  “Everything good comes from great hardwork and a lot of sacrifices” 

Many will tell you that blogging is easy, you start blogging today and make millions of money the next day. Its just not true. Blogging requires a lot of hard work. You might not see it now, but everything becomes clear when you dive into it. Just like the popular saying;

You don’t know how deep an ocean is till you dive into it

Blogging requires a lot of hard work and patience. So if you are going for blogging. You must be hardworking and patient. I am not trying to discourage you. I am only trying to make you understand what you will face in the long run.. 

Why is blogging popular?

A lot of successful bloggers out there are making millions of naira and thousands of dollars every month from blogging. Now this is enough to make it popular. Nigerians doesn’t sleep when they hear of a sure way to make money.  You hear about them always and you want to go into blogging.

Starting a blog

Ever heard of Linda Ikeji?.  She is currently the most influential blogger in Nigeria. She has been wearing that crown for a long time now. That was because she invested a lot of time and work to her blogging business and today, she’s celebrated.

Blogging is popular today because it is where we go always to get useful information. It can be news, or a step by step guide to solve a problem. 

Whenever you are confused with something and there is no one around. You pop out your phone and head straight to google. You ask your questions and google brings out a bunch of blogs that have useful information about the question you asked. 

Blogs are the major source of information in the world today and because of this, its popularity can never end.

That’s all for Introduction to blogging. Hope you find this post useful.