images 62 How to become a copywriter in Nigeria | Easy steps to scale

How to become a copywriter in Nigeria | Easy steps to scale

How to become a copywriter in Nigeria.

Ever thought of getting paid for telling short and long stories before? Companies in Nigeria are currently on a hunt for these stories because these stories help boost and increase sales of their products. These are stories that target a specific problem and provide solutions to such problem.

Now, that above is a job description of what copy writing  really is.

Copy writing has increased in popularity over the years and because of this, many Nigerians are making intensive research trying to find out what this oil well really is.

The overshadowing popularity of “copyright” in Nigeria has brought about a huge confusion of what the term “Copy write” really is. So without taking much of your time, lets get to know what copy writing really is.

What is Copy writing?

Copy writing is noting else than the process of writing a copy.

Now you will say that I am getting you more confused, like “what the hell is a copy?

What is a copy?

A copy is a text used for all forms of advertising messages, which can be a TV advert, radio advert, bill boards or even online ads.

How to become a copywriter in Nigeria

What is the main purpose of a copy?

The main purpose of a copy is to turn readers to potential customers (buyers). A copy tends to persuade a reader to take action by providing solution to major problems.

A copy is also meant to increase a company’s sales to create effective turn up.

Now let’s get to the main discussion of the day, having known much about copy writing.

How to become a copywriter in Nigeria | Easy steps to scale

Copywriting in Nigeria

Being a copywriter can be a profitable niche in Nigeria, and many other Nigerians are getting better at it, here is an exclusive list of How to become a copywriter in Nigeria with the Easy steps to scale at it.

Be Observant

As a copywriter, you need to be observant. Watch out for the things around you, note some of the problems in your environment because it will be helpful in your next copy.

I am not asking you to be a stalker, just be natural, watch what’s happening around you, listen and explore.

Ask questions

Learn to ask a lot of questions, you won’t know about how a trader is facing difficulties if a trader doesn’t tell you. So ask to find out. People act in a certain way, why? Why do they think in a certain way and believe certain things? What do they value? etc.

You need to ask questions. But don’t be rude while asking. Also don’t be a bug to the person you are trying to get information from. Allow him/her to reply you in his own time. If he says “come back later” go and come back later. Always ask in a polite way.

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There are lots of questions and puzzle in the world we live in. As a copywriter, you need to find answers to as many puzzles you can and also be able to provide solutions to these puzzles. For a start, you should focus on answers to a more direct question like; What will make Mr A buy a product X? Why did he buy it? Of what use is the product to him? What problem is the product solving? Is Mr A ready to purchase more of that product? Does product X reminds him of something?

As you can see, these questions have no end. In fact, the answer to one question can even bring up another question. The deeper you go, the more you understand your audience and with this, you can write a copy that will leave the audience spellbound and make the product, service or idea something the audience won’t resist to get.

A better understanding of your audience gives you an advantage to create a copy they can never resist. This is because, your product, idea or service is something of great impirtance to them and they will want to get it at all cost.

Study all advert you come across

Make sure you study those Tv adverts, radio adverts, billboards, etc that are selling one product or the other. You need to study those adverts on social media and other online platforms. Think of why you were attracted to it. What made you stop scrolling to take a look, what drew your attention, and what propelled you to take an action which can be clicking on the advert. You should also think of things you don’t like in the advert. Why it didn’t attract you. What made you scroll past  it with speed. What made you loose interest after seeming to like it.

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Also think of how you would have written the ad to make it look better. Think of the message the ad is trying to pass and how it is trying to pass the message. With all these study, you will be able to make your own copy standout and unique.

Its always good to learn from the top dogs in the game, then improve and be a lion at it.

Go to any copy writing school or buy that online course

If you have the money, you can go to any copy writing school, or even buy an online course. Yes, learning alone (self learning) can be good, but when you learn with a mentor, he or she can share some of his/her experiences with you. This will make you not to make the same mistake he/she made in the beginning and also boost you to a fast learning environment. Eg: it took me 2years to finish a 1,000 page web development PDF as a result of learning alone. But if I had gone for a mentor, it won’t take me greater than 5 months to acquire such skills.

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Another good advantage of having a mentor is that he/she can connect you to some agencies you will work for. And that is what most self learners have been looking for, for months.

You should also consider registering with a professional body

Regisering with a professional advertising body, eg, APCON (Advertising Practitioners’ Council of Nigeria). though a first degree or National Diploma is required for entry.

Take note that you must be interested in copy writing to excel in it. It is a very tasking job and not for quitters. Its not for people who can’t challenge the old ways of doing things and people who can’t question things. Its also not for people who are too lazy to figure out the new ways of doing things.

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You need a lot of hard work and improvement to excel, don’t worry its worth the sacrifice.

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