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Facebook Advertising – How to advertise your business on Facebook (easy steps)

Need to promote sales of your business’s products or services? Facebook advertising services allow you to reach customers in a focused and unique way. The service is also suitable for small businesses.  Facebook Advertising – How to advertise your business on Facebook (easy steps)

This can be done alone or with an advertising company.

What is Facebook Advertising?

Facebook advertising is a method by which businesses can market their products by reaching target audiences that are on the huge social network Facebook. You can also post on other Facebook channels.

Facebook advertising is paid advertising. You can set that you pay for exposures, clicks, conversions and more. You can set budgets that suit your business and run many campaigns.

On Facebook, the entire advertising process is conducted in the well-known system Ed Manager and all management is done there only.

You can create campaigns according to the type of goal you want to achieve and show the ads to people who are part of the same dedicated audience.

Benefits of Facebook Advertising

There are benefits to know when you want to post on Facebook:

Targeting – It is possible to create a specific audience for which the campaign is intended. The focus is on area of ​​residence, age, gender, interests, language device and more.

Billing – You can set different billing methods such as clicks, exposures, views and more.

Scheduling – You can decide when the ads will be displayed and when not.

Flexible budget – You can adjust your budget and work with small amounts.

Information tools – You can measure performance with analytical data about your advertisements.

Ad types – You can create image ads, videos, stories, leads and more.

Advanced – There are advanced tools for professionals.

Facebook Advertising Positions – Where are the ads displayed?

 Facebook Advertising – How to advertise your business on Facebook (easy steps)

Facebook ads can be displayed on the following products:

Newsfeed – Ads that appear on the main and main page of Facebook where there is a list of all the posts.

Marketplace – Ads that appear among the listings of second-hand board ads.

Right / Left Column – Ads displayed at the bottom right or left of many pages.

Messenger – Ads that appear in the Facebook messaging interface like a regular message.

Story – Ads that appear in Story on Facebook.

Search – Ads that appear when you search by keyword.

Video Feed – Ads that appear on the video page.

Instant Articles – Ads that appear in the Facebook Instant Articles tool.

Content sites – Ads that appear on content sites and external applications.

Facebook Advertising – How Does It Work?

 Facebook Advertising - How to advertise your business on Facebook (easy steps)

When you create a campaign, you set the target audience and raise the ad – the ads start running.

When a user who meets the conditions set in the campaign, surfs in the same set location (e.g. main feed), then Facebook matches the appropriate ads to that particular user. Facebook tailors the ads according to the auction so that quality ads are displayed with a suitable budget.

A user then sees this ad, clicks on it and works on an external website, where the process you set continues. A process like buying or requesting a quote for example.

Facebook charges the advertiser for exposures or clicks depending on what is set in the campaign.

How much does advertising on Facebook cost?

So of course there is a cost or price for advertising on Facebook. It varies according to certain conditions, such as budgets, competition, ad quality and more.

The price consists of your budget. This is the amount you pay Facebook to buy the advertising space. You set the maximum price per click or exposure and from there Facebook activates the ads until the budget is fully realized.

If you also need the design of an ad or text, the addition of an image or video, or other branding matters, then of course there is another cost that needs to be taken into consideration. As well as the design of a website or landing page.

In general, it is advisable to work with a dedicated advertising company that has extensive knowledge and experience. She knows how to give performance and good results to the business owner, the advertiser. But on the other hand there is a fee for the management of the campaigns by it. Again, if she has a lot of knowledge or experience, it is much more worthwhile because she will know how to bring you sales and customers and even save money.

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How to post on Facebook?

To start advertising, you need to access your Facebook advertising account. If there is none, then one should create one, set up settings, add means of payment and more.

You can then choose the type of campaign, goal, add budgets, ads and make additional necessary settings.

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