Best Web Hosting in Nigeria Prices How Much Does Web Hosting Cost in Nigeria?

How Much Does Web Hosting Cost in Nigeria?

To get a website up and running online you will need to buy a web hosting service and continue to pay a monthly or annual cost as long as the site is active and up and running and this brings us to the question –  How Much Does Web Hosting Cost in Nigeria?

Before setting up a website it is important to check what type of storage you would like to host the site and in which company.

In the article here we will talk about the different web hosting solutions and their average prices. In addition, we will also talk about additional costs on websites that are added to the monthly storage cost. Let’s get started “How Much Does Web Hosting Cost in Nigeria?”

How Much Does Web Hosting Cost in Nigeria?

 How Much Does Web Hosting Cost in Nigeria?

There are 4 different storage solutions that are important for you to know:

1. Dedicated web hosting

Dedicated web hosting is a complete physical server dedicated only to your site. You have complete control over the storage server and there are no other sites hosted on it because it is yours alone. The flexibility of a dedicated server is excellent but to run a physical storage server you need technical knowledge or someone to manage it for you. In addition, the entire issue of website and server security is at your own risk because your server.

Dedicated storage is especially suitable for sites with large amounts of traffic and this is the most expensive storage option available. The price for dedicated web hosting varies depending on the size of the server, its location and the number of resources you have purchased. Roughly speaking, physical storage servers cost an average of $ 400 a month but there are large servers for large sites that will cost several times as much

2. Collaborative/shared web hosting

Shared web hosting is the cheapest hosting solution today. Just like what the name implies – take dedicated storage and share it with several sites. All websites that are under shared storage are accessed on the same server with the same allocated resources. Collaborative storage is especially suitable for those who want to save money for storage.

Collaborative storage is ideal for very small sites in terms of structure and sites that do not generate a large amount of traffic and therefore do not need a lot of resources. However, shared web hosting can cause slow loading of pages on the site and also security issues because your site is on the same hosting server with other sites and damage to these sites can be a direct cause of damage to your site. The average monthly cost of shared storage is $ 5- $ 10 per month with minimal resources. Remember – the more resources you have, the higher the price.

3. Web Hosting on a Virtual Server (VPS)

Virtual Private Server is a storage solution where you get a dedicated part of a server and this part is used only by you. The server is of the WEB type so you will get maximum performance for your sites. Virtual server storage is especially suitable for large sites with a relatively large amount of traffic.

A major disadvantage of a virtual server is that although a dedicated part of the server belongs to you, the other parts store additional sites that have purchased a dedicated part of the server and damage to the server due to one of the sites will cause your site to be damaged as well. Purchasing a dedicated part on a VPS server costs an average of $ 10- $ 20 per month and here too, as the amount of resources increases the price will increase accordingly.

4. Web hosting in the cloud

Cloud server storage is the best storage solution today. Unlike the storage solutions we have presented so far in cloud storage you will not share resources along with other sites, nor resources on the server because you are getting your own server. Although you need technical knowledge to store alone in the cloud, today there are already solutions for managed storage in the cloud.

What makes cloud storage the recommended solution is the ability to change the size of storage and the desired amount of resources per click, the fact that you pay for a server and can store multiple sites on it, good loading speed and advanced site security. The average cost of cloud storage ranges from $ 10 to $ 30 per month, depending on the amount of resources you will need.

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Now that we have exhausted the list for How Much Does Web Hosting Cost in Nigeria?.. Let’s get to other things like; 

Two top best hosting companies I use for my websites

Here are the two best hosting i use for my website. One is a popular Nigerian hosting company while the other is a UK based hosting company.

1. Namecheap

Namecheap, as the name implies is one of the cheapest hosting company in the world today and also the best. Namecheap is a domain registration and web hosting company having headquarters in US and UK. I use namecheap for one of my website, and they are good. 100% uptime, fast, and effective.. You should try namecheap

2. Whogohost

Whogohost is a Nigerian web hosting company. One of the best in Nigeria (if not the best) whogohost offer free domain for each hosting plan you purchase .. Sounds good right.. There plans are also cheap. .. Check out whogohost

Costs of additional services in setting up a website

Domain – When you set up a website, you need a domain. This domain is the web address through which you reach the site. In Nigeria, it is customary to use the suffix com or or .ng and it is recommended to choose a domain name that is relevant to the brand and represents it. The average cost of registering a domain per year ( $ 2- $ 5. for domains (.com)  $ 6- $ 18. And for domain (.ng) from NGN10,000 and more

SSL Security Certificate – Website Security Protocol. An SSL security certificate gives you the little lock next to the address bar of your site. This certificate is required on commerce sites and sites that remove customers from the site but today, most site owners will prefer to install this security certificate both for Google ranking and for giving security to the surfers. In some storage packages you can get an SSL security certificate installation on your site for free.

Template – Once you have chosen a hosting company and the platform on which you will build the site you will probably need a template for your site. Along with many free templates, web development platforms like WordPress or Shofifei offer professional templates for a fee – a ready-made website design, buy and edit according to what you need. The average cost of a template is $ 30- $ 50 but some templates will also cost double.

Extensions – Extensions are software that can be installed on the platform on which you build the site to automatically do some of the construction and operation of the site. Extensions and extensions can also be found for free or installation of free versions of the plugin but this free version will usually be very limited. For example: Elementor is a plugin for building websites in WordPress and is free but Elementor Pro, the paid version of Elementor, is much more efficient and easy to work with. The cost of the supplements varies from supplement to supplement and according to the period of time you purchased – a month, a year or for life.

  1. In conclusion

Now you can know how much it will cost to host your site in one of the common hosting solutions. My personal recommendation is to host the site on a cloud server,  Aside from the fact that the server is yours privately and you can not be harmed by the activity of other websites, cloud storage servers are low cost relative to what you get, display fast websites and fast page load and come with website security solutions. I do not see a logical reason why to opt for shared storage for example when it is possible to store in the cloud at more or less the same cost.

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I also recommend shared hosting if you want to purchase a simple and cheap hosting plan.. Shared hosting is very OK ..  And in fact, this site w3skills runs on shared hosting.

I hope I answered your question on “How Much Does Web Hosting Cost in Nigeria?” .. Having answered your questions on    How Much Does Web Hosting Cost in Nigeria?.. Share this post to others too.